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Covid Relief Fundraiser Event

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What is happening in India is heartbreaking for all of us. With such widespread apathy, it's time we come together to extend a helping hand to those who are severely impacted by the pandemic.

Together we can and we will help India fight COVID, again. Let's come together and help India stay safe and breathe again. Let's create more impact and touch more lives, need your support and contribution. Please back this fundraiser so that together we can build a better India for all of us.

With this initiative, we are fundraising for :

Oxygen Supply - Absolute Need of an Hour

Vaccination and Testing Centres

Setting up Covid Care Centres

Food Material Supply

 Cash transfers for needy

 Pledge your support, Donate now!

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 For your contribution towards the cause, we will be sending E-Certificate for participating in Art  Fundraiser  Event duly signed along with printable art material. Kindly share name, age, email id at



Each Penny counts, Every Rupee Counts, even small donations can help long way. As they say, Little drops of water, Little grains of sand, Make the mighty ocean and the pleasant land.

Come Forward! Donate Now!

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Book slot @Rs.500

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